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70. If You Struggle to Pick "One Thing"

Do you have a TON of interests and passions but can’t seem to zero in on one? If so, then you might just be what Marie Forleo calls “multi-passionate”, and this episode is here to tell you to embrace, rather than run from that part of you. 


  • A list of my obscure passions and professions
  • Why trying to neglect your interests is going to keep you in “sabotage” mode
  • Why chasing what you think will make you the most money is futile
  • The “one thing” paradox
  • The practice of Ikigai 
  • Making the list of what you would do if you had $10,000,000 in the bank 
  • Why trying everything until something sticks is beneficial 
  • Shiny object syndrome and impatience

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