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71. The Energy of Money with Dr. Maria Nemeth

My guest today is someone who’s work I admire greatly, she is the founder of Academy for Coaching Excellence and bestselling author of one of my favourite books The Energy of Money. She has guided thousands upon thousands of people to financial success on their terms, our topic today is MONEY!



  • Simple framework for training your mind and offering compassion to the part of you that is wired for survival
  • How money doesn’t fix scarcity 
  • Balancing the physical and metaphysical 
  • The energy of being willing to look 
  • How you do money is how you do life 
  • How financial success is available to anybody 
  • How to get past your Monkey Mind and trouble at the border
  • The “Feast and Famine” cycle and what we can do about it
  • Why it’s easier to face it than run

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