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Ready to change the way you work, and the way you live? Thrive Experience is a transformative program designed to teach you every step of turning your knowledge into a profitable online course & building a business around the life of your dreams.

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"Together Jordan and I made a plan to turn my knowledge of barramundi fishing and my small following into an online course which launched, sold and changed my life forever (and continues to do so).

I can't recommend Jordan’s knowledge, commitment and tenacity enough.

I'm forever grateful for the way his help not only saved my business but changed the way I look at business and life in general. 

Make no mistake, when you work with Jordan, he will deliver over and above your expectations." - Glenn W. (Darwin, Australia)

Instead of waking up to your obnoxious alarm, what if you woke up to this instead?

"I’ve NEVER felt as empowered as I do right now!

I was introduced to Jordan on Day 1. By Day 4 after working for a chunk of time collaboratively, I had an incredibly impressive offering, PLUS my 1st PAID 💰 client & two more clients reply with comments that they are interested in my program!

My frequency is super HIGH and together we’ve called in BIG MONEY ENERGY today!"

- Lynnette B. (Saskatchwan, Canada)

Give me 8 weeks and I will teach you how to take the knowledge stored in your mind and turn it into an online program that people will pay you for over and over!

Thrive Experience is not another online business 'how-to' program, it's an immersive dive into transforming the way you do life.

Surely 2022 is going to come, the question is will you be heading into it with:

a) the same mindset and the same results

b) a big vision for the life and business of your dreams AS WELL AS the steps to make it real?

I like option B better, personally...

Over an 8-week deep dive, you will learn the following inside of Thrive Experience:

 How to create (and sell) your first online course or coaching program 

✅ How to get paid to do what you love as your most authentic self without feeling like a used-car salesman

✅ The inner mindset tools for authentic business success

✅ How to create consistent, streamlined, automated revenue (some might refer to this as "passive income")

✅ How to create time and location freedom so you can work where you want, when you want

✅ How to extract the knowledge in your brain and turn it into profit (even if you think there's nothing there...)

✅ How to define and connect with your ideal customer avatar

✅ How to create low barrier-to-entry offers that can help you create revenue immediately

✅ How to design your programs based on what people really want, not what you think they want

✅ Why you don't need a website to get started, and what to do instead

✅ How to use ONE piece of software to run your entire business (low-tech minimalists unite!)

✅ How to develop low, mid and high-ticket offers for different price pointed individuals

✅ Step-by-step tutorials in lead generation, email marketing and sales funnel creation

The result?

❌ No more trading time for money

❌ No more building someone else's dreams for a living

❌ No more overwhelm in not knowing where to start

❌ No more needing to be any certain place, at any certain time in order to create money

❌ No more hating Mondays, when you can celebrate them instead!

How do I know this? Because I've literally lived it!

When COVID shut the world down, I knew I had to find a new way to create income, and I had to do it quickly...

In what was the most stressful, challenging and uncertain time of my life, I completely overhauled the way I would create money forever by selling online courses and coaching programs to people all around the world

In 12 days I went from no email list and no clue what what I was going to do to having my first $30,000 week!

I didn't do this in business services or high-level coaching, I did this teaching people what I knew about fly fishing

It took me just under a year to cross the six-figure mark, starting with zero tech skills (I still haven't found those) and no previous experience in running an online business

While I don't know you personally, I do know that there are talents, skills and intellect you possess right now that people would happily pay you for time and again!

Not only will Thrive Experience teach you the step-by-step how to in creating your first program, you will learn the inner mindset tools that account for over 80% of your success in business.

The result? Heading into 2022 with an online business that's in alignment with the life you want to have at a core level.

Sound good? We start on November 15th, 2021 and I look forward to seeing you on the inside!

Join Thrive Experience 2021!

Course Curriculum:

Mastering the Inner Game

Did you know that 80% of success in anything is the inner game, and 20% of it the mechanics? We start with mindset because it is the  single most important thing in creating an online business. I will show you how to crush your limiting beliefs, change your money story and let go of the need to procrastinate so you can keep your foot on the gas pedal!

To Create what You Want...

You must know what you want! In this week, we go deep on connecting to your big future vision. We design not just what kind of business you want to have, but what kind of life you want to live in terms of income, impact, work time and free time!

Tapping your Inner Genius

Think you have nothing special to offer? Think again... In this week we are doing a deep dive on extracting your knowledge, pulling out exactly what you know that you can turn into real money!

Your Perfect Person

In week 4 we go in-depth on defining your ICA (Ideal Customer Avatar) so that you can always create content, courses and programs knowing exactly who you want to serve and how you want to serve them. Marketing to everyone is marketing to no-one!

Building Your List

Did you know an email list is considered an asset inside of a business? That's because email is a direct conversation. You will watch a step-by-step real time tutorial on how to set up an email capture page and start building your list immediately.

Designing your Offers

A minimalistic approach to going inch-wide, mile-deep on creating your core offers. These can be used to create immediate revenue, as well as powerful bonuses for future launches and promotions.

The Thing You Become Known For

Your flagship offer is something you can open the doors to once or twice a year, create major cash injections, and drive sales into a compressed time period while changing the lives of your perfect people!

Making Real Money

Yes, taking everything you've learned in the past two months and turning it into real money! Believe it or not, this is way easier than you could imagine. Why? Because you can create sales without feeling like a car salesman, and instead by showing up as your most authentic, incredible self and focusing your energy and attention on adding value.


Tapping into your Money Mind

'Tapping into your Money Mind' with Master EFT Practitioner Jackie McDonald is a training will teach you to quickly unwire and reframe your limiting money stories so you can earn more with ease and fell good about money!

6 Levels of Income Freedom Training

We will do a deep dive on the six levels of income freedom, from location-dependent unscalable active income to (THE BEST) scalable recurring passive cash flow!

Three Pages to Freedom

Learn the only three pages you need to create to begin driving traffic and collecting money immediately without spending time or money building a website

Paid Traffic Masterclass

Learn the ins and outs of using Facebook ads to drive traffic into a funnel that converts with ad expert Matt Welsh

Let's say NO to waiting another year for things to change, and YES to stepping into your big vision!

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Join Thrive Experience 2021

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Join Thrive Experience 2021

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