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I teach people how to build a business and life they love, and create a little something called Authentic Success. 

Put simply, this is life on your terms. It's a life that pulls you out of bed in the morning that is freedom based and impact-driven.

It's taking your unique gifts and talents and turning them into a business that fills your soul and your bank account. 


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Jordan is incredibly influential. He has so much wisdom to share and every minute felt valuable. Jordan picked up on my limiting beliefs before I even recognised them myself and not only that but he quickly and efficiently shifted them and flipped my perspective. I felt supported and safe in our time together and found the experience of huge benefit. Thank you Jordan.

Chloe S. (Australia)

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I had a session with Jordan, and it was amazing. He has a warm demeanor and his analogies while he explains things are commendable. A brief, but one of the most profound sessions I have had with someone. Jordan was willing to walk an extra mile to help me with this, and I am grateful to God for having me run into him!”

Jasindah S. (New Delhi)

What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

Is it exactly what you're doing right now?

Or is there a part of you that knows you are called for something so much bigger than what you're experiencing?

If you landed here, it was not by accident!

My greatest passion is teaching people a blend of both the inner mindset and energy work combined with practical how-to strategy to create a high level of Authentic Success

What on earth is Authentic Success?

Authentic Success is when your head, heart and hands are in alignment. 

You're doing what you love to do without the need to justify it to anyone else

You're owning your worth and getting paid for your gifts and talents that are unique to you 

You're waking up in the morning with a sense of excitement for what's ahead, rather than a sense of fear or dread

Essentially, you're getting paid to show up as your most authentic self!

So often we chase external success, thinking (for some reason) that it's going to fill us up on the inside

The problem with this model is that not only are we often doing it to try to please or impress others, we never stop chasing it!

As a business and mindset coach, I would love to see how I can step in and serve you in creating your highest level of Authentic Success on the inside and the outside!

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I had the pleasure of connecting with Jordan, it was amazing as I felt my energy shift in how I was feeling. I believe Jordan has a special gift that will help humanity. His knowledge on EFT and why it works is incredible, just as he is caring. I am grateful to have met Jordan as I believe he will bring EFT to a whole new level. Blessings!:

Linda G. (Canada)

“I was amazed that during my first session I was able to feel immediate relief as we tapped through various blocks and affirmations. Thankful for Jordan's concise navigation

Blake C. (BC, Canada)